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This is manflurry thoughts page, old one password gone its gone but who cares fuck off oatgan

september 25 2014>


^ doesn't that look good as heck?

new priorties:

i made a pumpkin for hallowwn bbl!


leave a comment or whatever

september 26 2014

manflurry is here back with more on this and on the pcast i said oat was bad oh ho ho yep

on the ohter hand i amback with another update on surge and well its good you know by some here's the link:< a> href = amzon./surge"" go buy some support the surge yeha

today's agenda:

leave a commnt if you want i made it happen theres comment now go ahead if you want enjoy it's free from what i heard'

im manflrury and i am hella good also i forgot lagoona im going to kisse her heh

september 26 again

i am so good like fuck its not even close


09/29/ of 2014

rosa mendes five star werker from dave meltzer he says she is good so whatever i guess we just have to go with what meltzer thinks since he knows all.

oat is bad i think but also good sometimes. melter also says he thinsk that tanahashi vs rosa mendes will headline the tokyo dome show

lagoona was v cute 2day but ya know how it goes. emola is disease BAD! i think neway cya l8r manflrurry gotta pee

feb 25 2014

manflurry is back hello welcome to my piss get it?

fuck off oatgan no one cares about yours also yeah i play games but not that fuckin final fnatasy shit nly real man games like dragon age and peach game on ds

also i heard a rumor about bard and that is that he wwent to a ressling show and saw roh hot scoops there<-----

do you want to come over ad see my dolls text me on twitter @oatgan

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